Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kendra and Brooke's Graduation

It is hard to believe that we have two more amazing kids graduating from High School! Kendra and Brooke graduated from Spanish Fork High School in May. They have both done outstanding things in school and we are so proud of them. They are good friends and are always fun to be around! It is unusual for "sister's" to be student body officers together, but they both had a blast serving SFHS students and Faculty this past year. Brooke was Homecoming Queen and was blessed to serve and work with some of the Special Students in Seminary. Kendra was part of the Senior Prom Royalty and also accomplished getting her College Associates degree from Utah Valley University while in HS. The SFHS Studentbody officers all helped with a fundraiser and raised over $4500 for some orphans in Honduras. Kendra was seleted to receive a Youth Leadership Award from soon-to-be Governor Gary Hubert. They are both beautiful and we are so grateful to be their "parents"!

Jackson Hole Motorcycle Ride

Roger and Tracee escaped on a fun motorcycle trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the Mapleton Hogs. We traveled 1600 miles and saw lots of wildlife; Buffalos, Elk, Deer, Bears, Eagles, Antelopes, Squirrls etc. Most of all we saw the amazing creations that our Lord and Savior created...WOW! The Tetons are just amazing. We love the rolling hills through Drigg's, Idaho and seeing all the beautiful farmland that is worked over by some amazing Farmers. We drove up through Bear Tooth and saw some Glaciers in Montana. We always enjoy the great friends we get to ride with, but most of all we enjoy cuddling on the bike and sharing our hearts with each other. We are so grateful to Kendra, and Grandma's and Grandpa's for helping to take care of the kids while we were away,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cody's Birthday Party

We had a family birthday party for Cody, we went to Shoots Restaurant and then came home and opened presents. Cody got some great presents, a new snowboard, boots, snowpants, goggles and some Basketball gear. It was fun to be together as a family! Cody just advanced to a Teacher and nearly has his Life and soon will be working on his Eagle Scout. The kids cancelled events with their friends to celebrate Cody's birthday. Cody chose to go to a Jazz game with a friend instead of a party. Cody loves sports and is getting straight A's in school. We are so proud of him!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kylee's 4th Birthday Party

Kylee turned 4 on September 30. She continues to be such a joy to our family. She had Fifi the Clown come to our home. Fifi did magic tricks, face painting and made balloon animals. The kids had a total blast! Mom and Dad did too. We also had hot dogs and had the kids decorate their own cupcakes. Kylee enjoyed having all of her friends come over!

Australia Mission Reunion-20+ years

We were blessed to have an Australia Adelaide Mission Reunion at our home. President and Sister Gray flew from Minnesota and five couples flew in from Australia. We also had missionaries from all over the US come and join us with their families. It was so wonderful to get together after all of these years. I don't think anyone of us wanted to leave! We had a Barbeque, Horse Rides, four-wheelers and lots of fun. Most importantly we were able to meet up with old friends and feel the spirit, share stories and talk about the great times we had in Australia together! I felt like Alma in Alma 17:1-2 when he met up with the sons of mosiah and he was over joyed that they were still his brothers in the gospel! We had about 80 people join us for the event. I appreciate so much the great help Roger & the kids were as well as my parents. A special thanks goes out to everyone that helped! It was a labor of love working on this event for 2 years to find and locate over 100 missionaries. We will cherish this for years to come!

McCall's Birthday Party

We had a great time on Sept. 27 celebrating McCall's 14th birthday party. Rog and I gave her a special gift-a new red four-wheeler. That night, McCall and Taylor invited 50 friends over for a dance with a great DJ. They had a bon-fire, played games, ate pizza and cake & ice cream. It was lots of fun! We were glad we were able to celebrate this fun event at our home!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Virginia Visit: Roger, Kylee and I had the opportunity to visit David and Shannon in Washington DC in May for Shannon's graduation and Collin's baptism. It was wonderful to spend time together! We met Carol and Nolan there and also Shannon's family and friends. We also visited President and Sister Milburn, Roger's Mission President. It was great to meet them! Come to find out I know President Milburn's sister, and also I went to school with two of Sister Milburn's sisters. (Small World)...Roger is a great missionary! Nolan, Carol and Roger went to the Holocaust Museum and were deeply touched. We saw some of the sights in Washington DC and had a fun day showing Kylee our nation's capitol.